The Conference

An arduous meeting leads to a spirited aftermath


Anaïs Rosso

8/26/20226 min read

The meeting was more arduous than usual. The senior partners sat around an oversized table, discussing various talking points at nausea. She'd lost count of the familiar catchphrases such as "shelving ideas," "tackle that head-on," and her favorite "bounce some ideas around." For the last hour and a half, the talking heads droned on. However, she could not entirely focus on what was being said. Her distraction sat near the head of the table with the other senior partners dressed in his stylish tailored suit, calm confidence radiating from him. Occasionally, like so many times before, she'd noticed him watching her when he thought she or anyone else saw. Had he been one of the other senior members, she would have felt embarrassed at being caught not paying attention to the matters at hand. Their gaze would have been one of reproach and judgment. His, however, was different. His fiery blue eyes swept over her from head to toe, assessing the curls piled into a bun at the top of her head. His gaze traveled down to the heart-shaped ruby solitaire necklace resting against her milk chocolate skin framed by a white silk button-down shirt. She felt flush as chocolate eyes met fiery blue. She swallowed hard as she watched him adjust his position in his chair.

The sounds of the meeting being adjourned brought her back to reality as her colleagues gathered their papers and files. She stood as well, picking her things and shoving them into her red leather bag between shaking her colleagues' hands and small talk. Eventually, the room emptied as her colleagues returned to their respective offices to continue the day's work. As she placed the last file in her bag, she noticed that while everyone had left, he remained seated, eyes still on her.

Turning, she walked to the door. Without speaking, she closed the door and locked it, sealing them in complete privacy save for the wall of windows looking out over the city. She straightened her spine, taking a deep breath, steeling herself as she turned to face him. Fiery blue eyes heated her skin as his gaze took her in from head to toe.

Slowly, like a cat stalking her prey, she moved towards him. Hands moving to the bun atop her head, she removed the rose hairpin. She shook her head slightly as inky black curls tumbled past her shoulders like a dark curtain. She'd planned this moment for some time now, wishing to test the limits of his attraction, yet there was always a slight fear in the back of her mind. If he rejected her, would he then accuse her of harassment? He would be well within his rights, but the ever-present bulge in his perfectly tailored pants showed otherwise.

When she finally reached his chair, he slid his chair back slightly, staring up at her wordlessly. Slowly she moved to stand between his legs. Heart pounding, her eyes remained locked with his as she placed her hands on his knees, spreading them as she knelt between them.

His eyes studied hers, heating with arousal as she freed his hardness from straining against his trousers. She heard the sharp intake of his breath as she slowly began to stroke his hardness in her hand. Leaning forward, she placed little butterfly kisses along his cock, her red lipstick leaving a trail along his hardness. She teased and licked him for some time, enjoying the sounds of his moans and the slight lifting of his hips. She noticed the grip of his hands on the armrest of his chair in her peripheral vision.

Licking her lips, she finally took him into her mouth. Sucking long and deep, using her tongue to accentuate her motions, she marveled at the rich sounds of his moans, his eyes closing briefly. Her desire grew as his moans grew in evidence of his pleasure. Pleasing him aroused her even further, and she allowed one hand to slip under her skirt. Meeting naked wet flesh, her fingers began teasing her clit. She moaned as he slid down her throat.

"Fuck," he finally groaned, his orgasm fast approaching.

Abruptly, she released his cock from her hand and mouth. He stared at her, his face a mask of frustration and confusion.

Wordlessly she stood, raising her skirt, revealing her lack of panties, and straddled him, his wetness hovering just above his cock. Wrapping her arms around his neck for balance, she bent forward, her lips grazing his.

"Do you want me?" she whispered, her fingers trailing through his dark hair.

She smiled slightly at his hands gripping her hips, his fingers digging into her skin. "Do you want to be inside me?" she pressed.

"Fucking yes," he growled, attempting to pull her down onto his hardness. "I want to be deep inside you."

She kissed him, long and deep. They groaned in unison as she slowly lowered herself onto his waiting cock. He leaned forward, capturing her lips again as he held her tight to his hips, allowing her to adjust to his length and size. Wrapping tie around one hand, she began to slowly ride and grind on his cock after several moments. She moaned into his mouth when she felt his hips flex up towards her on her downstrokes.

Gradually, lost in his feel, she moved faster, her hips undulating against him.

"Oh God, you feel so good," she moaned breathlessly. "Damn, how I've wanted this."

His fingers bit into the flesh of her hips, guiding her movements. Their moans raised in unison as they both climbed towards orgasm.

"Fuck," he groaned, his orgasm once again fast approaching.

Abruptly, she tore herself away from him and off his cock, her actions earning a growl of frustration and disapproval from him.

Standing straight, she turned to face the table. Hiking her skirt higher, she bent over the conference table. She wiggled her hips slightly in a proud display of the swollen wetness awaiting.

Pulling her hair to the opposite side, she looked at him over one shoulder. Her eyes met his once more. She spread her legs wide, placing a slight arch in her back.

"Take it," she whispered. "It's yours, Daddy."

In the blink of any eye, he was on her, burying himself inside her to the hilt. He set up a furious rhythm, not giving her time to catch her breath. She bit her lip to suppress her moans, still mindful of any passerby in the hallway. Her nails clawed at the polished wood of the desk as he drove deep inside her.

Without warning, his hand plunged into inky black curls pulling back as he adjusted his stance to drive deeper within her.

"Ahhh, yes," she cried out as his thrust nearly took her out of her heels, her g-spot under a brutal assault.

Unable to control her body any longer, her orgasm broke in a rush of fluid. Her body convulsed uncontrollably as her walls clamped down hard around her. With a loud groan, his orgasm met hers, filling her to overflowing, his orgasm prolonging hers. She bit down on her lip, drawing blood as her nails scored gouges into the polished wood table.

He continued moving inside her, slowing a bit as he leaned forward, gathering her in his arms and pulling her against him. His hand found her breast, massaging as he kissed and nibbled her neck and shoulder.

They stayed that way for long moments as their heart and breathing rates slowed. He held himself deep inside her. She turned her head meeting his lips, and he kissed her until she was breathless again before pulling himself from her. She stood and, acting on pure instinct, returned to her knees again, taking him into his mouth and carefully cleaning him.

"Good girl," he moaned, his hands running tenderly through her hair.

Once she'd swallowed the last remains of their passion and cleaned him to her satisfaction, she stood again. Taking her into his arms, he kissed her, moaning at their combined taste on his lips. His hand squeezed her plump ass as she began to straighten his clothes. Carefully, he pulled her skirt down, attempting to smooth away the wrinkles. She felt their combined fluids trickling down the inside of her thighs.

"You didn't wear panties to work today, did you?" he asked. He eyed her carefully, taking in the low-cut silk blouse and unusually short pencil skirt. "You planned this from the beginning, didn't you?"

She smiled mischievously as she straightened his tie. "Of course, I did. I'm just glad my plan worked," she replied, kissing his nose and turning to return to her things.

Abruptly he reached out, seizing her arm. Pulling her back against him, his hand found its way in her curls once more, tugging to tilt her face up to him.

"You do know what this means, yes?" he asked, pausing briefly before continuing.

"Mine," he growled, grabbing her ass and squeezing hard. Her smile was all the confirmation he needed.