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Posted on February 1, 2017

Anabella shivered as she pulled her scarlet peacoat tighter around her in a vain attempt to block out the bitter cold of the early evening. She hurried the of the cobblestone street illuminated by the soft glow of historically accurate gas lamps along the street. Although the sun had barely, sidewalks were quickly filling with fellow pedestrians seeking to kick off their Friday night. She shook her head muttering softly to herself as the heels of her riding boots clicked against the sidewalk.

The Rehearsal

Posted on September 22, 2016

She stood at the mirror of her studio as she carefully tied the tasseled hip scarf in place. She smiled in remembrance as she ran her fingers over the burgundy velvet and brass coins. This was her most prized hip scarf, a gift from Him he’d brought back for her on one of his many business trips overseas along with the matching bra. He’d told her that he though the rustic color and the gold yellow accented tassels would be a striking complement to her exotic dark skin. He’d been right and she’d never felt sexier, neither as a woman or a belly dancer, than when she wore his ensemble. Some of her best performances happened in this ensemble. The others in her troupe teased her saying that some tribal God must have blessed the very threads himself. They had no idea how close to the truth they were, for in her mind he was indeed her very own God of a different kind. They had no idea that when she danced her solos in this ensemble the entire world faded and she danced for one purpose. Him.