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Posted on January 27, 2019

Hues of blue, purple, red and gold danced across the sky as the sun’s last golden rays kissed the ocean’s horizon. The sounds of the ocean waves mixed with the sounds music as the waves gently crashed upon the shore. The gentle breeze carried the scent of the sea as it smoothly ran his fingers through her unbound curls sending the scent of jasmine to him. Her laughter a melodic wind-chime as he twirled her about the bonfire. Her white lehenga flowing about her as he spun her, the sun-warmed sand finding its way between their toes. He watched her keenly, grinning as they danced, marveling at the beautiful contrast of the skirt and choli top created against her dark skin and long blue-black curls. She could feel the warmth of his body through his linen pants and shirt as he held her close.

Need: Thirst Series Part 2

Posted on December 24, 2018

I swallow convulsively, my mouth void of any moisture. I stare out the window, the lights passing before my unseeing eyes as you navigate your car through the city. Soft jazz drifts through the speakers, but my ears do not hear. My heart thunders frantically against my chest as I recall my words to you in the restaurant. I marvel at how so simple words can threaten my very air supply, yet change the course of our entire evening, perhaps our very lives. Typically, we would have had our dessert, kissed one another on the cheek, and departed for our respective spouses, but not tonight. I am jarred from my thoughts at the touch of your steady hand against the skin above my knee.…

Crave: Thirst Series Part 1

Posted on December 3, 2017

Written by Anaïs Rosso We’ve known each other for so long and so very well. We’ve been best friends for longer than either of us can remember. We’ve watched one another drift from one broken relationship to another. We’ve celebrated each other’s successes, provided comfort during loss and even danced at each other’s weddings. We’ve also listened to the shared disappointments in our respective marriages. Regardless of what life has thrown at us, we’ve always found the time for our weekly dinners. And here we sit, in a quiet bistro downtown after work sharing a bottle of wine, our bodies a breath from one another. The scent of your cologne teases my senses mixing dangerously with the wine. Your tie is slackened yet; I…

The Rules

Posted on October 21, 2017

She jerked from her thoughts, the vibration in her picket startling her. Reaching for her phone, she retrieved it from her front jacket pocket the screen casting an illuminating glow in the dim lights of the early morning ferry.

She read the notification and smiled to herself as she unlocked her phone. Bring up her messaging app she read, and then reread the text her heart increasing its pace.

“Good morning, my minx.” the text began. “I know you’re on the ferry. Find the nearest bathroom and remove your panties.”

Un Boudoir à Paris

Posted on June 19, 2017

She walked into the studio, the door chiming in time with her entrance. For weeks, she’d been researching photographers in a bid to find the one that would suit her needs. She was beyond delighted to stumble upon this particular studio owned by a photographer whose list of praises were longer than the Rhine. Since then, they’ve corresponded via email and direct messages with an easy camaraderie developing.

“Un instant, s’il vous plaît!”, a jolly male voice called from one of the back rooms.

“Oui Monsieur. Prenez votre temps,” she replied, stepping fully into the studio. She smiled to herself, excited to finally meet her new friend and photographer. 

Casually, she perused the front parlour of the studio enjoying the sound of soft music drifting from the back. Along the walls hung numerous erotic and boudoir photos, many in the classic black and white, a few with splashes of colour. She took note of how the photographer maximized angles and expertly played with light and shadows. Though erotic in nature, the photos were done with a surprising level of class and sophistication, speaking highly to the masterful skill of the photographer. She knew she was in the right establishment.

“Bonjour Mademoiselle”, the voice called to her once again, prompting her to spin on her heels.

La Liste

Posted on June 17, 2017

She sighed contently as a gentle breeze caressed her skin. She stood on the balcony high above the city taking in the sparkling night lights. Soft music flowed from the open French doors behind her. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply the scent of the gardenias and roses that graced the candlelit balcony. She’d been looking forward to these next few days. She’d missed him, and his dark, sensuous accented voice was the ultimate of teases. His voice captivated her every time she heard it, birthing need and desire deep within her. She’d lost count the times she’d pleasured herself thinking of the sound of his voice, wanting touch and feel him. Now, she would wait no more.