She sauntered unceremoniously down the darkened street, her red-bottomed heels providing a sharp staccato against the sidewalk. She tied the belt of her trench coat tighter in an attempt to shut out the cold wind that tousled her long thick midnight curls. The evening had been stagnant and uneventful, somewhat unusual for the hustle and bustle city. With a sigh, she paused, smoothing the wild curls from her eyes. Hearing the sound of a car approaching, she turned. She winced slightly at the brightness of the headlights as a dark-colored car came towards her. She stepped closer to the curb, smiling as it came to a leisurely halt. Her smile grew as she recognized the make of the luxury car. Bending at the waist, She slightly loosened the belt of her coat to allow a whisper of skin to show as the darkened window lowered.

The aroma of leather and the smallest hint of cologne greeted her as she placed her hands on the car door. Gazing inside, she could make out a tailored suit and silk tie in the ambient cabin light. Her gaze slid over him appreciatively, her breath catching at the sparkle in his green eyes. He stared at her intently, his lust on full display.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she spoke. “Are you looking for something, sweetheart?”

“No,” he replied, his accent thick.

She blinked, her smile wavering as she prepared to step away.

“I have just found what I am looking for,” he continued. “You look cold. Shall we go for a ride? Warm you up, perhaps?”

Her smile broadened once more. “I’d like that,” she replied, reaching for the door handle.

She felt his eyes on her as she settled herself into the soft leather of the passenger seat. He patiently waited until she buckled her seatbelt before pulling away from the curb. She turned to him, brushing a heap of curls behind her ear.

“So, what can I do for you tonight?” her velvety voice smooth as her hand gently rested on his thigh.

Long moments passed before he spoke. “I have a certain need tonight,” he finally answered his gaze on the road as he navigated them away from the heart of the city.

“Well, I am sure we can meet those needs,” she responded. “For a price.”

“I’ll need a blow job, of course,” he proceeded.

“Of course,” she returned, her hand slowly making its way to the bulge in his trousers. “What else?”

“I am going to need to fuck you. Hard. Rough. Primal,” he continued, navigating expertly through the city streets. “Tell me, do you have any limits?”

She giggled. “No lasting marks, no unusual bodily fluids, and no kissing,” she answered. “Condoms are a must.”

“That’s all?” he inquired, turning on to a dark road.

“That’s all,” she stated with a smile, her hand caressing his hardness.

Taking another turn, he slowly pulled into a dark alley.

“Name your price,” he said, turning to her as he placed the car in park, switching the headlights off, leaving only the parking lights.

The ambient cabin and dash light illuminated her as she slid out of her seat belt. She watched his eyes as he watched her. Slowly she untied the belt of her coat, opening it, revealing what lay beneath.

She smiled, noting the shift in his breathing as his green gaze took in her red lacy bra and matching panties against her dark skin. His gaze slid over the matching garter belt holding up the black lace topped stockings. She slowly ran one hand over a breast as she named her price.

“Done,” he replied, his voice thick. “Get out.”

Stepping from the car, they both walked to the front and came to a stop before each other. He eyed her carefully, taking in her lace-clad body in the dim light. Smiling, she ran her hands up his chest and then slowly down to his belt as she knelt before him. She kept her dark gaze on his as she unbuckled his leather belt and freed his erection.

Taking him into her soft, warm hand, she moaned, licking her red lips as her gaze dropped briefly to his sizeable cock.

“Impressive,” she whispered, looking up at him as her tongue darted out to lick the underside of his hardness. She closed her eyes, savoring the taste of him. His moan sounded in the night as she took him entirely into her mouth. Carefully, she worked him, using her mouth, tongue, and hand in unison to build intensity. She watched him, studying his face for what pleased him the most, his head tossed back, eyes closed. Gradually, her movements grew bolder along with her enthusiasm. Her throat relaxed, allowing him to slide deeper. Without warning, his hand fisted in her hair, and his hips thrust against her mouth, his balls slapping her chin. She moaned, bracing her hands against his hips, working her neck and throat in tandem with his thrusts. His moans grew louder as his fist tightened in her hair.

With a heavy growl, he yanked her back by her hair, sending a slight pain through her scalp. Hand still fisted in her hair; he hauled her to her feet, tossing her face down onto the hood. In a blink of an eye, the condom was in place, and her panties and coat pulled roughly to the side as he slammed deep inside her wetness.

She couldn’t help the cry that fled her lips as he forced her head down. He held himself deep within her, stretching her and taking her breath. Keeping a tight grip on her hair, he lifted one of her legs and began thrusting long and deep. She moaned, biting her lip, feeling deliciously helpless, yet remarkably aroused.

“No, no, no,” he whispered hotly in her ear as he began to thrust harder and faster. “I want you to scream for me, baby.”

Seizing her hair once more, he pulled her to him so that her back met his chest. His hips moved vigorously, drawing the most exquisite moans from her. Releasing her hair, both hands reached for her bra, pulling the lacy fabric down.

She gasped loudly as one hand roughly seized her breast, the fingers pinching and pulling at her nipple while the other slipped into her panties to tantalize her clit.

“Yes,” she cried, reaching back to lace her fingers in his hair. “Fuck me.”

He growled his answer in a language she couldn’t understand as he thrust harder, his fingers strumming her nipple and clit, playing her like a fine-tuned guitar. She felt her orgasm building fast inside her, her body trembling.

“That’s it,” he growled in her ear, his fingers moving quicker on her clit. “That’s it, you filthy whore. Show me this tight pussy is worth the price. Show me it is mine!”

“Yes, oh God yes,” she sobbed, turning her head to meet his gaze. “Fuck, that cock feels so good! I’m going to cum!”

“Yeah, baby,” he urged the hand on her breast moving to wrap around her throat, squeezing firmly. “Be my dirty fucker.”

Without warning, a loud shrill burst from her lips. Her body exploded around his. Her body convulsed, as fluid bathed them both and the hood of the car. He continued thrusting, drawing out her orgasm as his own began to take life. Removing his wet hand from her panties, he brought his fingers to her mouth, shoving them in as she emitted another moan. His thrusting became frantic as he began to lose himself on the wave of his orgasm. Instinctively, she sucked, savoring the taste of herself on his fingers and feeling a second orgasm take control. This time they came together, her cries muffled by his fingers, and his growls filled the night as he spent himself deep within her.

Exhausted, they both collapsed against the hood of the car, her back to his front. Again he swore in his native language before switching back to English.

“God damn,” he panted. “Worth every fucking penny.”

She smiled in the haze of afterglow, enjoying being sandwiched between the warmth of his body and the heat of the hood of the car. She moaned slightly as his body slid from hers. She laid boneless upon the hood as he discarded the condom and rightened his clothes, the cold night air sending a shiver through her.

Without warning, he pulled her to his feet and into his arms, facing him. A hand found its way in her curls and pulled her head back. She jerked away slightly as he leaned in to kiss her.

“No kissing, remember,” she said with a teasing smile.

“Charge me extra,” he answered with a smile of his own before leaning in.

He kissed her, long and deep, stealing her breath until he became her very air. She felt herself melt into his warmth as her legs threatened to give out. After prolonged moments, he grudgingly pulled back, smiling at her.

“Let’s go home and get you cleaned up with a nice hot bath,” he suggested taking his jacket off and wrapping it around her shoulders. “I think you’ve earned it tonight, pet.”

She smiled and kissed his nose. “I should charge you extra for making me wait so long,” she saucily replied as she turned to walk to the passenger side.

She let out a little yelp and stumbled a bit as a hand came into hard contact with her bum. She turned back to him, her eyes wide with shock as she held her stinging bum.

“Put it on my tab,” he returned with a wolffish grin as he held open the passenger door for her.

Laughing, she slipped inside.