It’s late afternoon. You’ve been in your office all day, chipping away at your work. I’ve attempted not to disturb you, busying myself around the house with numerous chores. Occasionally, I’d quietly slip up behind you, reaching around to place a fresh cup of hot coffee within your reach. You never looked up, your focus so intense. You muttered a thank you and continued, hell-bent on proving your hypothesis. I’ve tried to be a good girl today in all honesty, but I can’t ignore the growing primal need I have of you. I need to feel your hand around my throat as you make me yours. I need to feel your absolute power as you mark my skin while you take my body.


These were some of the thoughts going through my head and soaking my panties. I know you’re busy, but I can’t wait. I need you.


I stroll to the closed office door and pause to slip my panties from beneath my crimson skirt, tossing them aside. I open the door to find you still typing away on your laptop. I take a deep breath and cautiously walk to your desk.

I reach your side, turn, and hoist myself up onto your desk, sitting quietly. I allow my legs to fall apart slightly, revealing the lack of panties. I watch you silently. You continue your work without so much as a glance my way. It is as if I’m not even there.


I’m annoyed, of course. I slide your laptop away slightly and maneuver myself to slip into your lap, straddling you, placing myself entirely in your line of vision. Undeterred, your arms slip past me, reaching for the laptop. You move your head slightly to the side and continue where you left off with your work. You’re pretending to ignore me, not even glancing my way, but I can feel the slight shifting of your hips, bringing your trouser covered cock wholly in contact with my nakedness.


Emboldened, I begin to slowly grind my pussy against your cock, my wetness soaking into your pants. The friction fuels my lust as I feel you begin to harden. My fingers find your hair, and my lips start to kiss and nibble your neck.


“Please, Sir,” I whisper, nibbling your ear. “I need you. I need your cock. Please.”


I’m caught off guard. In a blink of an eye, I feel your fist in my hair, and my head yanked back. My hips pause momentarily. I hear you growl deep in your throat and see the fire in your eyes as your gaze finally meets mine. My hips begin to move again, my primal instincts rising to match yours.


Your other hand finds my throat. I suck in a sharp breath. I feel you squeeze slightly, your fingers digging into my flesh. Another wave of wetness finds its way to your trousers. Your hand glides down my throat setting my skin ablaze. Your fingers find the neckline of my shirt, and in the next heartbeat, it is torn from my flesh, my breast exposed through the sheer lace bra.


The beast is awakened.


My breathing intensifies as your hand travels down my tummy. I feel you cup my mound, your fingers teasing the wetness at my lips. I shift my hips to coax you to slip a finger inside or touch my clit, but you hold still. I am desperate, and my body aches to be dominated and filled by you.


“Please,” I whimper as your hand tightens in my hair.


You growl your instructions to me and tell me exactly how to earn what I most desire.


“Yes, Sir,” I reply.


Carefully, I slide from your lap to take my place on my knees between your legs. My eyes are on yours as I slowly release your cock. I lick my lips before taking you deep in my mouth. I close my eyes and moan at your exquisite taste. Holding your cock in one hand, the other gently massaging your balls, I focus all my energy and concentration on pleasing you. I hear the sounds of keystrokes as I take you deep in my throat, gagging a little here and there.


You’re back to your work. You’re trying to concentrate, but I can hear your growls, and your cock is like granite in my mouth. I suck you deeply, creating the perfect amount of pressure as my tongue tantalizes the underside of your cock, pressing slightly. It’s not long before your hand finds my hair once more. You hold me in place and use my mouth, gagging and choking me with your cock. I close my eyes happy to let you use my mouth, my pussy throbbing from arousal — your growls and moans music to my ears.


You pull me away just before you’re about to orgasm. I look down at your cock and see my red lipstick smeared across it. I smile.



Grasping a first full of curls, you guide me to stand, then lift me to sit on your desk. A hand on my chest pushes me to lie back. You retake your seat, spreading my legs. You pull your office chair close to the desk. After draping a leg over each shoulder, you grasp my thighs and jerk me towards you, my bum hanging half odd the edge of the desk.


“Oh, gods.”


I feel your mouth on me, sucking and licking my clit. Slowly you devour me with your mouth and fingers, occasionally nibbling on my clit.  


“Yes! Gods, yes!” I moan as your movements send shivers down my spine, and heat racing through my veins.


My hands fist in your hair, anchoring myself to you as my hips buck and jerk against you.  Your hands seize my thighs, holding me down effortlessly, and the strength of your muscles send shivers down my spine.


My need is too excessive, and your mouth feels too heavenly on me.


“I’m going to cum! Please, may I?!” I desperately plead, feeing myself abandon control of my body.


You stop, and I am a dripping mess of need. You stand, clutching my hips and roughly yanking me to the edge of the desk.


You tell me that you’re going to fuck me, more of a warning than a declaration. I can’t help myself. I tremble.


I knew what I was doing — provoking you like that. I wanted that cock at all costs, and now I’m about to get it, and nothing about your manner says “gentle.”


“Please. I need your cock now. Please!! Fuck me!” I implore my hands grabbing at your hips.


Without further warning, you thrust. I shriek, my back arching as your strong thrust bring you balls deep. You withdraw and thrust again, growling loudly. Again and again. You’re moving hard, swift and deep with one hand around my throat and the other in a crushing grip at my hip. My cries and moans are slightly muffled by your fingers, squeezing into my throat. I meet you thrust for thrust, my hands gripping the top of the desk. This is what I craved. This is what I needed. To be taken and fucked like the fucking cock whore that I am. I need your cock. I crave your cock. I want you so deep that I will never get you out. Leave your marks on my skin and deep within my body. I will bear them proudly.


I can feel my body tightening.


“Don’t stop; please don’t stop. More!” I cry over and over again, my mind and body awash with pleasure.


Orgasm blindsides me as your hands grip my hips and pull me towards you. You fuck me like a toy, and I explode, saturating your cock in my juices. I feel you tense in response. I hear you say that you’re going to come.


“Yes. Come inside me. Fill up your cum whore!”


Without warning, you lean down and sink your teeth into the flesh just above my breast, and I feel your seed flood and overflow me.  The bite of pain and pleasure sends me into another orgasm, and I cling to you helplessly.


After long moments you withdraw from me, and I feel instant emptiness. I reach for you, clearing communicating my need for more. You step out of my reach. Your hand releases my throat and moves down to cup my mound once more. I feel you press your hand against me.


“I want to you dripping with this throughout the day,” you instruct pinching my clit lightly.


“Yes, Sir,” I reply, feeling your cum drip down my legs.


You reach into a desk drawer and retrieve a venus butterfly. You slip the straps up my legs and settle the vibrator in place just over my clit.  Wrapping your arms around me, you help me to stand, pulling me into a deep kiss.  I moan into your mouth, my lips seeking yours as you pull away.  


With a hard slap to my ass, you quietly inform me that your office windows require cleaning.


“Yes, Sir,” I reply, watching you kick your pants aside as you regain your seat.


I turn to set about my duty, but I am halted in my tracks, my body jerking as vibrations assault my clit.


I look at you accusingly, but you’re once again absorbed in your work, the vibrator’s remote resting on the desk within reach.


I set about my task cleaning the large floor to ceiling windows. I am scarcely able to concentrate as the vibrations alternate between gentle and slow to intensely vigorous.  You mercilessly edge me as I clean the windows in my bra and skirt.  I often forget myself by swearing and hurling dirty glances your way. I am almost at my breaking point when the vibrations cease.


I am directed to face the window, and I comply. I hear you stand and move to come behind me. With a flick of your wrist, the bra and the venus butterfly are gone.  With a hard shove, I’m pressed against the freshly cleaned glass. I feel the heat of your body pressing into mine from behind as my cheek and breast pressed against the cool a glass. Panic and excitement run through me as a glance out over our cul-de-sac. No one is around.


“So you wanted more, eh?” you whisper as you kick my legs apart. Your fingers find my numb as your cock slowly slips up and down the crevice of my ass.  You growl and strum my nub, the sounds of wetness permeating the room.


I moan and arch my bum into you, an offering.


“Please,” I urge, needing release once more.


“Not this easy, fiery one,” you whisper.


You pull back slightly and pain sears through my ass.  With one hand holding me firmly in place by my shoulders, you land blow after blow with your leather belt across my ass. I scream, squirm, dancing from foot to foot,  both fearing and welcoming the strikes, finding pleasure in the pain. My ass is on fire by the time the belt is discarded on the floor. You enter roughly once more the sensation of your thrusts against my tender flesh, causing my knees to buckle.  


Pleasure and pain sear me inside and out as you thrust deeply, your hands finding their way to my breast, pinching and pulling at my nipples.  The sounds of our moans fill the room, mingling with the creaking floorboards beneath our feet.


You take my hair in your hand and growl in my ear, “I don’t care if someone sees us. If they do, I want you to make eye contact them and let them know I am fucking you.”


I moan, nodding my head agreement. “Yes, Sir,” I finally reply, finding my voice as I buck back against you, fucking myself onto your cock.


You vary your pace, teasing me, drawing out the pleasure. Your hand occasionally grasps my bum, digging your fingers into the flesh tenderized by your belt. I moan and hiss, and you chuckle in response. You know I am as much of a pain slut for you as I am a cum slut.  You grind your hips into me, reaching every inch of my pussy growing deep in your chest.


“Cum my fiery one. Show me that you’re mine,” you growl, driving yourself painfully deep within me.


I come undone, screaming as my orgasm nearly brings me to my knees.  Screams are ripped from me as my body convulses and trembles in your arms. Dimly, as if off in the distance, I hear your jubilant shout of pleasure as you once again empty yourself deep within me.


I am a bundle of senseless nerves; my body spent as you lower us to the floor.


I find myself cradled in your arms, my head resting on your chest as you sit leaning against the glass. I am trembling uncontrollably. Your hand massages my neck as you whisper to me.


“Easy, little fiery one,” you whisper. “You’re here, and I’ve got you. I’m here.”


Calm descends over me at the sound of your comforting whispers.  I feel you press a kiss to my forehead, and your arms tighten around me.


“Such a good girl,” you whisper, kissing me once more. “I needed that distraction. Thank you. Now rest.”


I nod, smiling slightly as my eyes drift down as sleep claims me.