Written by Anaïs Rosso in collaboration with My Twin. 🌹

Tucked away in the darkness, a rose waits.

Her crimson petals encased in ice, frozen with the steady dreariness of the day’s monotony. The freeze reaches deep within the delicate folds, its icy fingers like a slow strangle.

Yet even deeper still, a flame smolders. The spark persists, an ember glows. Quietly, a rose waits.

She waits for his light. She seeks his hand, a beacon in the darkness, leading her to an awakening she dreams of often.

Together, they journey forth through the blackness, through the drifts of deep snow and amidst the piercing stabs of the cold, cold air. Together, through the brambles of the dark forest, hand in hand they go. The unity of souls linked; the embracing of one another in their specific glory lights their path forward.

She dreams of giving herself to him, the one with whom she can be her whole self. As the distant wolf howls in the icy night, his beast reaches out to her, hand in hand. His touch shatters the deep freeze, it thaws the ice, for his kisses replenish oxygen to her diminutive glow. Her petals blossom under his passion and they unfurl their beauty through his care.

No more shame.

No more guilt.

No more fear of which she so strongly yearned for. The thaw has occurred. Where there was doubt, there is trust. Where there was loneliness, there is love. Where there was distance, there is a nurturing and an intimacy that warms her with the warmth of a thousand suns.

Her dream.

Her prayer.

For him, she waits quietly, chilled – but not wholly frozen – in the darkness. The Dormant Rose…for now.

-Original writing © 2018 Anaïs Rosso(MT)💋🌹