She jerked from her thoughts, the vibration in her picket startling her. Reaching for her phone, she retrieved it from her front jacket pocket, the screen casting an illuminating glow in the dim lights of the early morning ferry.

She read the notification and smiled to herself as she unlocked her phone. Bring up the messaging app she read and then reread the text, her heart increasing its pace.

“Good morning, my minx.” the text began. “I know you’re on the ferry. Find the nearest bathroom and remove your panties.”

Her grin deepened. “Yes, Sir,” she replied, already standing and moving to the ladies’ room.

Once inside, she selected the stall furthest from the entrance and set about her task. Pulling at the drawstrings of her scrubs, she lowered them, carefully stepping free. Hanging the crimson pants on the door hook, she removed her red lace panties, stuffing them into her bag on the floor. Once she’d donned her pants and set her clothing to rights once more, she snapped a picture of her panties carefully placed in her bag. Gathering her things, she exited the stall, unable to help the mix of mischief and arousal that washed over her at having completed his task. As she made her way back to her seat, she sent the picture via text.

“All done,” she included as she took her seat, feeling a slight cool breeze as she crossed her legs. A mischevious smile blossomed across her full lips as she anticipated his response. After what felt like an eternity, her phone vibrated in her hand, the screen once again glowing to life.

“Good girl,” came his retort.

“Thank you, Sir,” she promptly sent back helpless to hide the rapture of having pleased him.

“I have to go now, minx,” he sent a moment later. “I am on my way to a meeting.”

“Good luck,” she sent along with a small kiss emoji and two hearts.

“Thank you,” he returned. “Have a good day, baby girl.”

She tried to have a good day, but in truth, she found herself distracted. Though he was never far from her mind, today, she found her thoughts of him exceedingly intense. She couldn’t help the excitement she’d often felt knowing she covertly carried out a mission, a performance solely for his pleasure. She found herself in a state of constant arousal thanks to the barrage of erotic visions of what was to come. She prayed the thin fabric of her pants didn’t play host to the evidence of her thoughts. She’d sent him numerous texts, some only sharing her thoughts, others asking for his permission to relieve the tension coiling inside her. He replied just once, a swift text acknowledging her thoughts yet denying her requests. She tried several times more to gain his permission, her words teasing and enticing; however, he did not respond, of which she inferred he was having a hectic day.

By the time she arrived home that evening, she was a bundle of need. The ferry ride home saw the manifestation of further erogenous reveries as she recollected their use of the quiet rooms aboard the ferry during their last date night. Her folds moistened further at the memory of him lifting her high in the air, pressing her against the glass as she wrapped her legs around his hips.

Sighing heavily, she unlocked the front door, moving inside her dimly lit home. A blur of movement flashed before her eyes. Her bag crashed loudly against the hardwood floor as she suddenly found herself pinned against the closed door, a firm hand clutching her throat. She opened her mouth to scream, yet the noise died in her throat as the hand squeezed slightly, tilting her head up, her gaze locking with familiar dark eyes. There he was, still dressed in his dark suit, tie perfectly in place. His expression gave nothing away save for his eyes. Her heart no longer raced out of fear, but in response to the storm on his eyes.

Without a word, his free hand reached for the drawstrings of her pants. Yanking hard, he nearly tore her pants from her hips. Without warning, she felt his long elegant fingers plunge into her wetness. Her breath quickened as she jerked at the sudden intrusion. He growled in satisfaction, his hand becoming increasingly coated with her juices as his fingers worked her with expert precision.

She cried out as his fingers found the exact spot she needed. He worked her hard and fast, her body involuntarily jerking. Her eyes remained locked with his pleading as his face continued to be void of expression. She was just about to plunge headlong into orgasmic bliss when his fingers abruptly stopped, and white-hot pain tore through her. This time her scream found it’s way out of her body as she lunged forward, jerking her hips back against the door to escape the vice grip his fingers had on her swollen clit. Tears gathered in her eyes.

Firmly he forced her eyes back up to his. The storm raged with new intensity.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you get away with teasing me, did you minx?” he asked his voice low, steady.

She blinked several times her face a mask of pain as his grip on her held steady.

“I’ve warned you before,” he replied with a regretful shake of his head.

Suddenly the pressure against her throat and clit were gone, but before she could draw a full breath, she found herself face-first against the door his hand at the back of her neck. She heard the rustle of clothing and then the distinctive metal clinks of a belt.

“Arch your back, spread your legs, and hold that ass out for me,” he instructed, stepping slightly to the side.

“Daddy M,” she mumbled against the door as she moved into the appointed position. “Pl–”

Her plea was cut short by the sting of his leather belt across the flesh of her bottom. Cries ripped from her throat as several more blows rained down on her bottom, leaving the flesh raw and tender. Arousal flooded her once more. Just as abruptly as it began, it ended. She heard the belt hit the floor. A heartbeat later, she felt his large hand rubbing soothing circles against her tender flesh. Her knees weakened at the tender gesture. Seconds later, she felt him shift to stand behind her as she heard the zipper of his pants.

He kicked her feet apart wider with one foot as he positioned himself behind her.

“You’re dripping, minx,” he said, his voice roughened with arousal. “I could smell you for miles.

He bent his knees slightly, and before she could utter another word, he drove himself deep into her. She cried out as he rammed himself home in the wetness of her folds, bringing her up onto her toes. Her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head as the thick length of him retreated and drove deeply once more. He adjusted his stance, one hand moving to her hair and the other a crushing grip on her hip as he began to thrust hard and fast, utterly ruthless.

Her cries mingled with his growls as her hands clawed at his hips, unsure of if she wanted to pull him closer or push him away. Pain and pleasure raced through her as his hips slammed against the sensitive flesh of her bottom, and his hand gripped her hair hard. He took her roughly the animal in him, calling to the animal in her. She felt the bite of his fingers in the soft flesh of her hips. There would be bruises there come morning; she knew yet she could do nothing. He held her pinned against the door, helpless.

She felt her body begin to tense the stirrings of orgasm blossoming deep within her womb. He drove on, sensing her helpless plummet. He leaned in close, his lips a breath away from her ear.

“Do. Not. Cum.” he commanded each word articulated with a bruising thrust.

“Please!!” she screamed tears burning her eyes.

“NO!” he replied sharply tugging her hair

Still, on her toes, her thigh muscles began to quiver as she grit her teeth, trying desperately to ward off the coming orgasm.

“Who’s pussy is this?” he growled in her ear.

“Yours,” she whimpered as she strained.

“Who’s?” he demanded with a yank of her hair.

“Yours!” she cried out.

His hands left her hair and her hips, reaching to lock her arms behind her back. He used the new leverage to pin her against the door and drive himself deeper. She bit her lip hard, sure she tasted blood, as she wared with her body fighting to hold back, but he was merciless. Her body tensed to the point of pain. She was quickly spinning out of control. She wailed, feeling the beginnings of her orgasm.

Abruptly he withdrew, her body sinking against the door. The world spun around her as she tried to process what was happening. He was still behind her, his arms linked behind her back. She felt him jerk her towards him, and she stumbled back against him; her legs barely able to support her.

“You want to come, mink?” he asked, giving her a little jerk. “Fine. You cum when I say, how I say and as often as I say. Your orgasms are just like your sweet little cunt. Mine. Those are the rules, and now you are going to cum until you fucking hate me.”

Jerking her hard, he turned her towards the stairs as she cursed, the smiled to herself for stirring the beast.