She sighed contently as a gentle breeze caressed her skin. She stood on the balcony high above the city, taking in the sparkling night lights. Soft music flowed from the open French doors behind her. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply the scent of the gardenias and roses that graced the candlelit balcony. She’d been looking forward to these next few days. She’d missed him, and his dark, sensual accented voice was the ultimate of teases. His voice captivated her every time she heard it, birthing need and desire deep within her. She’d lost count the times she’d pleasured herself thinking of the sound of his voice, wanting touch and feel him. Now, she would wait no more.


“Daydreaming, gorgeous girl?” his voice purred in her ear as strong arms wrapped around her from behind.


She snickered, turning in his arms, encircling his neck with hers. “Oh, only of you,” she said, beaming.


“Is that so?” he challenged, taking one of her hands in his as he began to sway to the music gently, holding her close. “What are you dreaming of, beautiful?”


“I am dreaming about all the wicked things I want to do with you, my dear Sir B,” she said with a wink. “We came up with quite a list as I recall.”


“Indeed we did,” he replied, his hand dropping to her bottom squeezing while forcing her hips against his allowing her to feel the evidence of his arousal. She didn’t miss the wicked gleam in his sapphire blue eyes. “We have a long way to go, M.”


With a low growl, he captured her lips with his. Lazily he explored the taste and depths of her mouth. His tongue danced with hers, drawing forth her desire as she hungrily met him kiss for kiss. Dropping her hand, he fisted his in her hair, tugging her head back gently, allowing greater access. She was lost, awash with lust, entirely captivated by him she took no notice of him gradually backing her up to the balcony railing.


Abruptly, his lips left hers as he spun her around to face the city lights forcing a slight bend in her hips. She gripped the balcony railing to catch her balance against the blur of motion.


“Do not move,” he instructed his thickly accented voice accompanied by the rustle of fabric. “Don’t speak.”


Before her mind could process what was happening, she found his black silk tie wrapped snug around both wrists, securing them to the balcony railing. She lurched slightly as he kicked her legs apart. She gasped at the rush of air against her naked backside as he tossed her vintage red and black polka dot skirt up and over her hips. Bit her lip nervously, feeling vulnerable and exposed tied to the railing and bent with her bum high in the air. She anxiously awaited his next move.


He took his time, however, his warm hand gliding over the ample globes of her bottom squeezing here and there. She grunted in surprise when allowed his hand to fall hard on one cheek only to quickly grasp it once more.


“I love your ass, M,” he stated, kneeling behind her, both hands massaging her.


She couldn’t help the contented sigh that escaped her lips as his fingers kneaded her flesh, nor could she help the witness that began to leak from her. His hands grew bolder as he allowed one to slip between her legs, finding her hot center. She moaned aloud as his fingers grazed her lips and teased her clit. Her body responded readily; her hips were arching higher to meet his hand.


“That’s it, baby,” he praised as he continued to test her wetness. “Show me how much you want me.”


She felt his hands spread her cheeks wide and cried out a moment later when his lips met her wet flesh. She fisted her hands, inadvertently jerking at the restraint as he tasted her.


“My God, you are delicious, M,” he complimented, halting for a brief moment.


With a squeeze of her hips, he brought her sex to his mouth. She cried out, her knees buckling as he began to devour her, licking and sucking as if he were starving. The hairs of his beard added to the erotic sensations as his mouth paid homage to her dripping sex. She cried out once more but quickly bit her lip as she remembered they were in full view of anyone who bothered to wander out onto the neighboring terraces or look out a window, notwithstanding their being high above the city. Nibbling on her lower lip, she focused on remaining quiet as her legs begin to vibrate, and the tingling started at her very core.


She heard him groan in disapproval as his actions quickened, and a finger found its way to her clit, strumming furiously at the engorged flesh. Her body tightened tortuously as she began quickly shaking her head in denial of the orgasm building within her. Her nails dug into the flesh of her hands as she fought for control, yet like a string stretched too tightly, she snapped. A shrill cry erupted from her throat as her juices rushed from her body.


“That’s it, M,” he praised between licks. “Let them hear how much I please you.”


When she’d finally settled a bit, he rose to his feet. She heard the sounds of his belt buckle followed by his zipper. Taking his place behind her, brushing her hair aside, he leaned close to whisper in her ear.


“Look to our right, beautiful,” he whispered. “It seems you’ve drawn an audience.”


Turning her head, she followed the direction of his gaze. There on the neighboring balcony stood a handsome, tall male, in his early thirties she guessed, seated in a chair one hand in his slacks watching them intently. She bit her lip once more as embarrassment seeped within her.


“B-” she pleaded, but her words cut short as his hand found a way to one breast.


“He’s hard, M,” he continued both their gazes trained on the stranger. “He thinks you’re beautiful, especially when you cum like that.”


She moaned at the feeling of his impressive erection sliding back and forth between her wet lips, teasing.


“He wants to see more,” he continued kissing her ear. “Let’s show him how beautiful you are when you’re coming on my cock.”


A second later, she wailed as he plunged himself deep into her. She closed her eyes, moaning at the exquisite sensation of being stretched so intimately by him.


“No, no,” he reprimanded with a tug of her hair. “Keep your eyes on him. Watch how he reacts to you.”


Obeying, she opened her eyes, moaning as he began to thrust within her, testing to find the perfect angle and rhythm. She locked eyes with the green-eyed stranger, transfixed as he freed himself from the confines of his pants. She watched as he reclined in his chair, licking his lips as his hand slid up and down his erection.


“Look at how hard he is watching you,” B continued his voice a deep, thickened growl. “If he only knew how phenomenal you feel wrapped around a man’s cock. ”


Excitement coursed through her veins, hot and heady, as she watched the stranger watching her his eyes never leaving her face as he pleasured himself as B began to thrust harder and deeper into her. He’d found the sweetest spot within her, as their moans mingled and carried upon the night air. Lost in her sexual haze, she began to shove back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust.


“Fuck M,” B growled, his hips rocking violently against her.


She screamed his name in response as she watched the stranger’s hand moving furiously, his face a reddened mask of pleasure. She felt her body begin to tighten, and she inadvertently rose on her toes the trembling starting deep in her womb.


“Yes, baby,” B exclaimed from behind, the beginnings of his orgasm manifesting in the base of his spine. “Show him how beautiful you cum.”


Body straining, her cries ascended higher and higher, her eyes never leaving the green orbs fixed on her face. Before she could quiet herself, the barrier inside her burst, her orgasm ripping through her with a fury, so violent her vision blurred slightly. The mysterious stranger wasn’t far behind; his howl of satisfaction reached her ears just before the rivulets of massive release appeared. B’s shout of triumph reached her ears just before she felt the warmth of him emptying herself deep within her.


She allowed her eyes to close as she felt the strength leave her body as B slid from her.


“Good girl,” he praised, placing a kiss on her neck.


She heard the shuffle of fabric as he freed himself entirely from his pants, kicking them aside. He held her to him with one arm wrapped around her waist as he untied her wrists from the railing. Bending slightly, he lifted her into his arms. Unable to help herself, she allowed her head to fall on his shoulder, snuggling his neck slightly. Turning, he began to walk into their suite. Just before they crossed the threshold, she lifted her head to catch one last glimpse of the mysterious guest.


“He’s gone,” she stated, dazed slightly.


B paused, looking in the direction of where their visitor once sat only to find an empty chair. He turned back to her with a grin.


“It seems you were a bit too much for him,” he said, kissing her forehead. “You are just delicious, M.”


“I can’t believe we did that,” she proceeded as he walked into the suite. “I can’t believe we had sex in the open like that.”


“Believe it, M,” he replied, smirking down at her. “Wasn’t it incredible?”


“I have to admit it was astonishingly exciting, almost terrifying,” she answered with a little smile as B gently placed her on the bed and stood to remove his shirt. “I’m glad we were able to strike that off our list.”


Before he could reply, a hard knock sounded at their door. Her eyes grew wide with hysteria and distress. Damn it; they’d been reported! How could she have let him take her out in the open like that? How could she not?


“Stay here,” he calmly commanded, walking to the door.


He paused once reaching the door and gazed through the peephole. With his hand on the knob, he turned back to M.


“Well, gorgeous girl,” he said with a roguish smile, his sky-blue eyes shimmering with mischief. “It looks as if we’re going to strike another item off our list tonight.”

Her eyes widened, and her mouth fell agape when he opened the door, and her eyes met the eyes of the stranger from the balcony.