She paced the bedroom nervously wringing her hands. Anxiety settled into her tummy like a heavy stone. She’d really done it this time; she’d provoked the sleeping giant. Their relationship had been strained at best these last few weeks, especially in the bedroom. For months she’d been trying to explain her desire to explore more in the boudoir. She’d grown tired of vanilla sex and wanted more. She’d been in a BDSM relationship before, and she found returning to a vanilla relationship with him was proving nearly impossible to sustain. For years, she’d loosely expressed her desires which significantly contributed to his lack of understanding. Yes, their marriage was fantastic otherwise, and on the surface, they seemed like the perfect power couple. He’d asked her more often than not to show him what she wanted, but she’d always been fearful of his judgment and the classic “topping from the bottom.” All of which lead to frustration for both, but last week things indeed came to a head in a volcanic exchange where things were said designed to wound. They did not miss their mark. Now, an uneasy silence stretched between them. Tonight she aimed to fix that and thanks to the aid of a treasured friend she would do just that. Tonight, she would show instead of telling.


Taking a deep breath, she closed the bedroom door and hurried with the preparations. Rushing to his closet, she threw open the door. Thoughtfully, she eyed the various leather belts hanging on the back of the door. Her fingers graced a smooth, brown leather belt adorned with the designer’s logo on the buckle. Selection made, she closed the door and set about removing her clothing. One by one the oversized t-shirt, borrowed sweat pants and underwear found their way into the laundry hamper. Plucking the elastic band from her hair, shook her hair free allowing the blue-black curls to fall over her shoulders. Fetching the belt once again, along with her phone, she walked to the middle of the bedroom. There she knelt facing the door, carefully laying out the leather belt before her. Once satisfied she sat on her haunches. Taking a deep breath, she unlocked her phone and fired off a text to her husband seated downstairs in his recliner watching his favorite show.


“You left the TV on upstairs. Please come turn it off,” she sent.


Her heart pounded in her chest as she waited for his reply. She swallowed hard as the icon in their text window signaled he was replying.


“?”, was the reply.


Sighing in frustration, she attempted again. “You left the TV on when you were up here earlier. Please come into the bedroom and turn it off,” she sent.


She waited for numerous heartbeats before the icon signaled his pending response.


“Fine.” was all he sent.


Triumph settled into her along with alarm as she tossed her phone on the dresser. Swallowing hard once again, she lowered her head and placed her hands on her thighs palms up. The seconds ticked by like a lazy eternity. Her heart thundered in her ears as she struggled to keep her calm. Faintly she heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Her heart jolted into overdrive. He was coming.


Keeping her head down, her ears heard the sound of the bedroom door open. He took two steps into the room before drawing up to a halt.


“What is this?” he asked his voice low and inquisitive.


Swallowing the lump in her throat, she found her voice. “I’m sorry,” she began. “I have wronged you, and I’ve never meant to hurt you. You have asked me several times to show you what I want and the coward that I am, I shied away from you. I’m sorry. I wish to atone for my sins. I wish you to punish me as you see fit.”


Moments passed before he squatted down before her. She felt his warm fingers on her chin lifting, so their eyes met. He eyed her closely for long moments, his hazel eyes seemingly searching the depths of her dark brown irises. She hadn’t missed the erection in his pants as her gaze traveled up to meet his.


“Is this what you really want?” he asked his voice low and husky.


“Yes,” she murmured, her eyes imploring him to pick up the thick leather that laid between them.


Without warning his lips crashed down hard on hers. He kissed her long and deep, his tongue savoring and committing the taste to her anew to memory. Her heart soared, and she fought the tears gathering in her eyes. She returned his kisses, eager for him to feel her desire for him, the desire for a new beginning with him.


Hesitantly, he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against hers as the both struggled to catch their breath as his fingers tangled in her curls as he grasped the nape of her neck. Gently he tugged in an effort to regain her attention.


“Safe word?” he asked reaching for the belt.


“Red,” she answered her lips cold in his absence.


“Use if you need it. Now face down. Hands behind your back,” he said gently pushing her face to the carpet.


She assumed the position, turning her head to the side facing him so that her cheek rested upon the carpet. She observed as he stood, scrutinizing her as he folded the belt in half. He eyed her bottom closely as if measuring her aim. She prayed he remembered her previous instructions for spankings as she held her breath. The first strike came, not too hard, not too soft, a testing of the waters, landing perfectly on the most fleshy part of her bum. She winced at the slight bite, steadying herself for more.


“Can you take more?” he asked his concern for her safety apparent.


“Yes,” she responded, bracing herself.


The second strike came harder, the force a gradual increase.


“Yes what?” he questioned steel in his voice.


“Yes, Daddy,” she replied. The third strike drew a scream from her. The fourth brought tears to her eyes as she cried out.


He was catching on much quicker than she’d presumed, she thought as burning pain sliced through her. Comfortable with the intensity, he continued raining blow after blow on her ample backside, the rich brown of her skin beginning to take on a red hue. She clenched her teeth against the pain, yet reveled in the pleasure of it. She knew this was meant to punish, but she couldn’t help but feel the therapeutic effects as the tension between them slowly began to dissipate with every strike.


Abruptly, he stopped, and she heard the thud of the belt on the bed. Her backside burned furiously as he moved to kneel before her. Capturing a handful of hair he gingerly tugged prompting her to her hands and knees. She watched as he freed himself from the confines of his gym pants.


“Open your mouth, baby girl,” he instructed. “I’m not finished punishing you yet.”


Obediently, she opened her mouth as he slipped himself inside her.


“Show Daddy how remorseful you are,” he continued. “Show me how much you mean it.”


Taking her cue, she wrapped one hand around his member and centered all of her concentration and efforts on him. Tentatively, she began working him with her mouth, her tongue swirling and teasing just the way she knew he enjoyed. When the sounds of his apparent pleasure reached her ears, she relaxed her throat taking him deeper. She nearly gagged with surprise as his hand came down hard on her flaming bottom. He struck a second time, this time causing her to gag as he involuntarily jerked forward. The new onslaught on her bottom continued along with the assault on her mouth, and she couldn’t help the wetness that gathered between her legs. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he stopped pulling away from her.


“Good girl,” he said once again clasping her chin. “Tell Daddy you’re sorry.”


“I am sorry, Daddy,” she hiccuped as she grappled to catch her breath.


“Good girl,” he said standing and removing the remainder of his clothing. She sat back on her heels and watched as he took a seat on the leather ottoman at the foot of their bed.


“Come here baby girl,” he said grasping himself. “It’s time for you to sit on Daddy’s lap.”


Climbing to her feet, she hastened to him, straddling his hips. Hands on his shoulders she brought her lips to his as she steadied herself over him. She felt his hands grasp her hips and pull her down, impaling her on his length. She cried out, teeth grazing his lower lip as he smiled wickedly.


“Let’s go for a ride,” he said pinching her bottom.


With a nod of her head, she began lifting and lowering herself on him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her forehead against his. She allowed desire and passion set the rhythm of her body, her lips grinding and snapping against him. She closed her eyes, relishing in the feeling of him deep inside her. The pleasure of his body and the burn in her bottom made for an intoxicating amalgamation. Their moans and cries admixed into the most sensual of symphonies. Soon she felt her body begin to contract and strain.


“That’s it baby girl,” he urged palming a breast. “Come all over Daddy’s cock.”


Eyes closed, she undulated faster as he took a nipple into her mouth. She bucked and bounced against him eagerly chasing her orgasm. She began to quiver as her fingers dug into his dark blonde hair. Suddenly, unable to fight the force within her she stilled, tremors wracking her body. She cried out his name as she found her release. Arms wrapped tightly around her, as he held her close, allowing his thrusts to lengthen her orgasm.


When she finally relaxed against him, he stood cradling her in his arms and moved to place her upon the bed. Slipping his body from hers, his lips blazed a fiery trail from her neck, down to her breast, sliding lower still. She felt the head of his breath against her mound as he lifted and spread her legs. Eyes locked with hers, he lowered his head and drank of her essence. She jerked as lightning shot through her engorged sex. Lazily he lapped at her, using his fingers to explore her walls. She grasped his hair once more her hips oscillating against his mouth. Soon, she found herself gasping for air bellowing once more as orgasm once again took her away on its waves.


She watched, too weak to move as he rose above, a predator pursuing his prey, every ripple of his muscles articulated. His eyes were now green than hazel as he settled himself on his elbows, collecting her in his arms.


“I need you now, baby girl,” he whispered kissing her lips.


“Then take me,” she replied encircling her arms around his neck.


He needed no further invitation. Hooking one knee over his arm, he flexed his hips and slid into her once more embedding himself deep inside her. They moaned their pleasure in unison as at his entrance. She closed her eyes moaning softly as he began moving inside her. Tears gathered in her eyes as peaceful bliss filled her along with intense pleasure. Her nails dug into the flesh of his shoulders, and she wrapped her free leg around his hips as his the intensity of his passion increased. Once again their cries mingled, and she whispered words of love and encouragement.


“I love you,” she cried out repeatedly, her body feeding off his passion, until with one final deep bruising thrust they both found luscious release in each other’s arms.


She held him close as he balanced himself trying to keep the bulk of his weight off her. He rested his head in the nook of her neck gently kissing and nibbling at the skin. Carefully, he eased her leg down, as he rolled onto his back taking her with him. Pulling one of her legs across his hips, he positioned her so that she half lay atop him, her head pillowed on his chest with his arms wrapped securely around her.


“That was astonishing baby,” he whispered kissing the top of her head.


Overcome with sentiment; she let her tears flow freely as she turned to bury her head in the warmth and comfort of his chest.


“Easy, baby girl,” he cooed kissing the top of her head a hand gently rubbing her back. “Talk to me.”


“I’ve missed you so much,” she sobbed into his chest. “I’ve missed us.”


“I know baby,” he whispered his voice thick with emotion. “I’ve missed us too, but we are here now.”


“I was so scared you would turn around and leave the room,” she admitted.


“But I didn’t,” he replied. “Look at me.”


With a sniffle, she lifted her head and nearly sobbed at the emotions burning in his eyes.


“No matter what baby girl, I will never turn my back on you. I will never walk out on you,” he said his voice thick with resolve. “I love you, and if this is what you need from me, then we will explore this lifestyle together. ”


“Do you mean it?” she asked nearly undone by his words.


“Every word,” he said kissing her lips. “We are in this together. We are one.”


“I’m so sorry,” she sobbed throwing her arms around his neck.


“I know baby girl,” he replied his hands gently soothing her. “I forgive you, and I love you.”


He held her for long moments, his hands comforting and soothing her body, playing in her curls, massaging her neck. She jerked violently when his hand grazed her bottom.


“What’s wrong?” he asked as he drew back, concern etched on his handsome face.


“My bum hurts,” she replied with a tiny hiccup.


They both paused eyeing each other before simultaneously bursting out in laughter. Tightening his arms around her, he drew her entirely atop him. His hands began a gentle massage to the offended area.


“Just remember how and why it got that way, little girl,” he said with a wink of an eye.


“Yes, Daddy J,” she replied placing a butterfly kiss on his lips.


“‘Daddy J,'” he repeated thoughtfully with a wolfish grin. “I think I rather like the sound of that.”