Part One: Hors d’oeuvres.


The melodic, soulful sounds of jazz filled her ears as she stepped inside the dim lit restaurant. Her dark gaze scanned the room, searching… The grand dinner club overflowed with patrons, many of which enjoy a slow turn about the dance floor in the middle of the establishment. She craned her peering around the couple in front of her as they spoke with the maître d’.


Where are they? She wondered, as she nervously checked her watch again. She was early, knowing that both valued punctuality.


“And what may I do for you, Ma’am?” the portly older maître d’ asked, his voice shattering her thoughts.


“Yes, I am meeting someone, rather two someone’s here. I believe reservations were made, but I am not sure if they have arrived yet”, she replied, stepping closer to the podium.


“May I have the name, please?” the kind gentleman asked with a slight smile.


M gave both possible names for the reservation and waited quietly as the maître d’ typed away on his iPad. Curiously, she checked her phone only to find she’d not received a message from either party.


“Ah, here we are”, the maître d’ said triumphantly. “It looks as if both guests have already arrived and are seated. If you would follow me please, I will take you to them”.


“Thank you”, M replied with a gracious smile.


“And forgive my forwardness”, the maître d’ continued as he stepped from around the podium, “But you look quite stunning”.


M’s smile widened. “Thank you”, she replied, following the gentleman as he led the way.


Quietly, they made their way through the winding maze of tables, past the dance floor. Her vintage backless red silk dress swirled about her feet gracefully, a long leg occasionally peaking through the high side slit. Her blue-black hair, usually curly, was straightened and curled slightly at the ends. Carefully, parted to once side, and secured behind her ear with a diamond hair comb, her hair hung just past her shoulders, gently teasing the skin at the swell of her breast. Highlighting the golden undertones of her rich brown skin, her throat hosted a thick gold necklace, her wrist the matching bracelet and her ears held golden chandelier earrings. In all, she possessed the look of a classic Hollywood starlet, a mix of Dorothy Dandridge with a splash of Josephine Baker. Her tall frame moved with relaxed grace, her hips held a slight gentle sway with every step.
She paused momentarily when they reached a spiral staircase, leading to the balconies.


“They’re upstairs?” she asked curiously, a nervous excitement setting butterflies a flutter in her tummy.


“Yes, Madam”, the maître d’ replied, turning to her and smiling as he took the first stair.


“The request for privacy was quite explicit”.


“I see”, she replied, swallowing hard.


“This way, please”, the maître d’ gently prompted, as he continued up the stairs. Taking a deep breath, she followed, her heart rate increasing with every stair ascending to the balconies.


The long corridor at the top of the staircase played host to several archways sporting thick black velvet curtains along one side. Faint light spilled from the chandeliers hanging from the roof, illuminating the long passageway. They continued in silence until coming to a stop, halfway down the hall.


“Here we are, Madam”, the maître d’ announced with a smile, as he pulled back the curtain. “Enjoy your evening”.


“Thank you”, M replied, smiling as she stepped through the curtain.


Inside, a small, candlelit dining room played host to a large round table with three linen covered chairs in one corner, a small open area in the middle and an archway overlooking the rest of the establishment below. The table stood draped in fine white linen, set for three with a pillar candle playing centerpiece upon a sterling silver holder. Several sconces, crystal stud, decorated the walls, illuminating the room with soft candlelight.


Near the edge of the table, a bottle of Tavel, the best Rosé de Provence, sat chilling and next to it, a bouquet of red roses. Her heart leaped into her throat, and she smiles as her gaze fell upon the backs of the two men standing at the archway, looking out over the crowd. They turned to her simultaneously, each holding a glass in their hand.
She stood in stunned silence, drinking in the sight of them. Both strikingly handsome, dressed immaculately in tailored dinner jackets and bowties, exuding power and sensuality from every pore. Both were tall, standing over six feet, in fine physical condition, yet they were both, while elegantly handsome, different in their own way.


One stood an inch taller than the other, with hair the colour of salt and pepper, holding a glass of wine in one hand. His sapphire blue eyes held a glint of mischief in the candlelight, made even more apparent by the wolfish grin his beard framed lips held. He held an air of dark sensuality about him that was nearly intoxicating, and his deep voice held the allure of a thickened accent. The other was more golden than dark, with wheat blond hair and hazel eyes. His angular jaw was void of hair, and his full lips held a smile full of secret sensual promises. Holding a glass of bourbon in one hand, he had the look of an angel about him, but she knew well the beast that lay beneath. Both shamelessly eyed her with an undeniable hunger as they stalked towards her.


“You look deliciously sexy M”, her blue-eyed gentleman praised, his accent thick and smoky. He slipped an arm around her waist and placed a kiss on her lips when he reached her. He shifted slightly to her side, nuzzling her neck and breathing her lavender scent in deeply.


“Thank you, Sir B”, she replied unable to hide the girlish giggle at the tickle of his facial hair on her neck. “The dress fits rather well”.


“We’re glad you like it. We clearly chose well”, her hazel-eyed gentleman replied, wrapping an arm around her waist as well as placing a kiss on her lips. “You look gorgeous”, he continued.


“Thank you, Daddy J”, she replied, smiling brightly.


“You’re welcome baby girl”, J continued, as he and B ushered M to the table. The trio took their seats, both men holding out her chair as they nestled her between them.


“Dinner has been ordered”, J continued as B poured more wine for himself and M, leaving J to his bourbon sour.


“Wonderful”, she replied”. I am beyond famished”.


“Good. I believe J ordered the entire menu”, B said with a chuckle, as he placed her glass before her.


“Why am I not surprised?” she replied, sending a teasing smile in J’s direction.


“I have a healthy appetite for two things. One is food”, he said with a wolfish grin and a wink… “Now, tell us about your day”.


After a sip of her wine, M began reciting the events of her day with casual conversation sprinkled with the occasional flirting ensuing. Dinner soon arrived and as her glass of wine found itself refilled, M found her nervousness disappearing only to be superseded by heightened sexual tension. Her skin tingled from the occasional stroking of fingers high along her bare thigh from J and B’s gentle stroking along the necklace about her neck. Their explorations grew bolder as the soiled plates were cleared from the table. Soon, she felt the straps of her gown eased aside as a strong warm palm reached for her breast. Two sets of lips found their way to either side of her neck. Her body responded, growing heated and wet from their combined attention.


“Keep your hands on the table, baby”, B whispered in her ear, his hand plucking expertly at her nipple.


“Did you remember our instructions, baby girl?” J asked as his hand tenderly squeezed her upper thigh.


“Yes, Daddy J”, she breathed, her eyes heavily half closed.


Brazenly, J’s hand ventured higher to the apex of her thighs. He groaned at the discovery of her naked wet mound.


“Good girl”, he praised. “No panties, just as you were told. For that, I think she deserves a reward. Don’t you think B?”


“I agree”, B responded. “She’s a good girl after all. Keep your hands on the table and sip your wine. Don’t spill”.


“Yes Sir”, she whispered, her heart once again pounding in her chest, desire coursing through her veins.


“Spread your legs”, J commanded, as B eased the straps of her gown all the way down, exposing her full breasts and hard Hershey Kisses nipples.


Swallowing hard, she complied. She jerked, lightning shooting through her body as J’s fingers began massaging her clit, and B’s lips closed over one nipple, his hand kneading her breast. She closed her eyes, one hand clenching the wine glass and the other the tablecloth, as J’s fingers began to strum her clit masterfully. His lips found her neck where he began to suck and nibble at the tender flesh there. She tilted her head to the side giving him greater access. Her breathing grew heavier, a moan escaping her lips as J’s fingers slipped inside of her.


“That’s it, gorgeous girl”, B whispered. “Let us hear you sing”.


M relaxed against the back of her chair, remembering to keep her hands upon the table. Of their own volition, her hips began to move in time with J’s. She turned her head towards J, only to be met with his lips as he deeply kissed her, swallowing her moans as his hand moved faster, his fingers zeroing in on her G-Spot.


“Drink, sweetheart”, he commanded breaking their kiss.


With her mind in a beautiful, sensual haze, she turned her gaze to the glass of wine in her hand concentrating fully on bringing it to her lips without spilling any. Carefully, she slowly sipped, swallowing the wine along with a moan, as B’s lips began to tug hard on her nipples, taking full advantage of the sensitivity of her breast while savouring the taste of her skin. The sensations overwhelmed her, and she felt her body start to tighten in response. Her moans grew louder as she concentrated once again on the glass of wine in her hand. As if moving through quake sand, she brought the glass down on the table. Without warning, she felt her body begin to tremble, the tell-tale sign of her approaching orgasm.


B’s head lifted, his fingers pinching and twisting her nipples. “Are you ready, M?” he inquired, eyes a deeper blue and his accent thicker with his desire.


“Yes”, she nearly panted. “May I please?”


“Not yet, baby”, B replied, tangling his fingers in her hair and bringing his lips to hers. He claimed her, unapologetically showing his desire for her in the depth of his kiss. He swallowed her every moan while simultaneously drawing new ones. She returned his kiss with the full desperation of her desire for him, for J. She didn’t realize that she’d inched her hands to the edge of the table, the hand with the glass of wine closest to B.


“Beautiful girl”, B praised ending the kiss. He bent his head once again to her breast.


“Now cum for us”, he said as his lips recaptured her nipple.


Thanking them for permission, M closed her eyes and let the sensations take her. J’s fingers moved faster, and B’s lips heightened the swirling sensations in her body. With one final tug of B’s lips and a flick of J’s thumb across her swollen clit, she cried out as the tidal wave of climax hit her hard. Her body jerked and her hips bucked against J’s, who had her juices flowing around his fingers. Both men allowed her to ride the wave of ecstasy they’d created until her lusty moans became content little whimpers. With a chuckle, J removed his fingers, bringing them to her lips.


“Open wide, baby girl. Time to clean Daddy’s fingers”, he replied tapping her lips gently with his wet fingers.


Slightly in a daze, she complied, greedily sucking at his fingers, moaning at the taste of herself. She felt B release her breast as he eased away from her.


“Oh M”, B said, the disappointment in his voice drew her attention. Like a child caught stealing a cookie, she released J’s fingers, turning to find B shaking his head with discontent.


She saw the napkin in his hand as he brought it up to his neck. It took her a moment to realize that he was dabbing at something at his collar. Dread filled her at the realization that it was wine he was cleaning from his shirt collar. She inwardly cursed herself. She must have spilled it during her orgasm. Damn her clumsiness!


“M”, J chided as well upon seeing the stain on B’s collar.


“I’m sorry”, she quickly said, reaching for her own napkin. “I didn’t realize that I’d… Oh Sir B, I didn’t mean to ruin your shirt”.


B caught her wrist gently but firmly in his hand, lowering it from mid air. “You broke the rules, M”, he said, his voice filling her with the sorrow of having disappointed one of her gentlemen. She lowered her head in submission.


Capturing her chin between his thumb and index finger, he gently brought her eyes to his. “You realize I have to punish you now?” he asked his voice authoritative.


“Yes, Sir B”, she replied licking her suddenly dry lips.


“Very well then”, J said pulling the straps of her dress back onto her shoulders. “Let’s get on with it, shall we?”


Part Two: Le Plat Principal


M walked silently into the darkened hotel suite. The entire ride from the restaurant had been in silence. She knew the evidence of their activities showed on the silk of her gown as she walked through the crowded establishment. She prayed everyone was too drunk to notice, yet J and B ushered her through the restaurant as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Nor did they give any indication that she was to be punished nor how, as they acted the fine gentlemen they were. However, she felt the tension between the three of them. Silently on their ride, she wondered what her punishment may be, while still damning herself for her ineptitude.


Pausing at the entryway of the suite, she watched as both J and B stepped around her after securing the door. Watching as they casually removed their jackets, she placed her purse on the table beside the door.


“Come M”, B said, as he strolled into the bedroom.


She obediently followed with J close on her heels. She watched as B casually took a seat at the end of the raised king sized bed, the room illuminated by a crackling fire in the nearby chimney. She stood in the middle of the room, watching as he undid his bow tie and the first few buttons of his shirt.


“Remove your gown and tell me why you’re about to get punished”, he ordered.


“Yes Sir B”, she replied, sliding the straps of her gown from her shoulders. “I am being punished for not following directions and spilling my wine”.


The red silk fell to her waist. She hooked her thumbs in the fabric, and with a shimmy of her hips, the luxurious gown fell to the floor with a soft “whoosh”. She gingerly stepped from her garment, mindful not to allow her heels to catch. She could detect the faint sound of rustling behind her.


“Good girl”, B praised. “Leave the shoes on and come here. Stand at my side”.


Head bowed, she dutifully walked to B’s side. Gently, but firmly he grasped her wrist.


“Across you go”, he replied, pulling her across his knees, her bum high in the air, leaving her full of trepidation and vulnerability. She swallowed hard as a pair of shiny black shoes came into her line of vision. Firmly, she felt B clasp her left then right cheek of her bottom.


“Such a spankable ass”, B remarked, his hand thoughtfully exploring her flesh.


Before her next thought could enter her mind, the sharp, harsh sting of his hand rocked her. A second soon followed wrenching a shriek from her. A third and fourth mercilessly graced her skin. A fifth followed before tears filled her eyes. On the sixth, she heard the sound of a belt buckle and zipper. On the seventh, she felt a hand gently tug her hair, bringing her head back. The sight of J’s cock greeted her.


“Open wide, princess”, J demanded.


Her mouth opened and on the eighth sting, J’s cock stifled her scream. She lost count as heavy blows poured down on her backside and J’s hips began to move, his member sliding down her throat. Tears slipped down her cheeks as every blow met the thrust of J’s hips. J’s hips began to move faster, and the raps came in time with his rhythm. She squeezed her eyes closed tightly against the agony, imploring whatever deity listening that it would end soon.


“Apologize”, B demanded, halting his assault. J stepped back, allowing himself to slip free from her lips.


“I’m sorry Sir B”, she nearly screamed, her bum burning with pain. “I am sorry for disobeying your rules”.


“Good girl”, both men said simultaneously.


B gingerly slipped her from his knees, allowing her to stand. He stood with her, enveloping her in his arms and placing a kiss atop her head.


“Gorgeous girl”, he whispered, his hands soothing the burn on her bottom. “You took your punishment well”.


“Thank you, Sir B and Daddy J”, she replied, collecting herself in B’s arms. She could feel his hardness pressing against her and soon felt J’s naked cock pressed against her burning ass. She felt B’s arms loosen slightly as J reached between them from behind to knead her breast once more as he placed a kiss on her shoulder.


“We need to fuck you now baby”, he whispered, his hand finding its way to her quim.


“You’re so fucking wet, and we’re so fucking hard. Damn you’re gorgeous. Come here”.


She willingly followed as J walked with her back to his front as he took B’s place on the edge of the bed. He lifted her into his lap spreading her legs over his.


“Daddy wants you on his cock”, J whispered, as he lifted her above his hardness while moistening himself for her.


She nodded and moaned as she felt the broad head of his cock press into her anus as he carefully lowered her. She cried out once fully impaled by the hard length of him. Reclining back on the bed, J moved closer to the edge of the bed. Grasping her hips, he held her just above him as his hips began to thrust up into her, testing out the perfect angle slowly. He knew he’d found his mark when a sharp cry escaped her lips. With a wicked smile upon his lips, he began to move with more vigour.


Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her as J thrust into her, finding the perfect rhythm and hitting the sweetest spot. Her eyes, however, were locked with B as he knelt between her legs. She heard the buckle and zipper of his pants and felt the heat of his breath as he leaned closer to her pussy. Eyes locked on hers, his tongue took a long lazy lap at her wetness. Groaning at the sweet taste of her, B began to devour her honeyed sweetness, the whiskers of his beard against her thighs a beautiful, sensual contrast to his soft lips and tongue.


She cried out, her head falling back as she braced herself on J’s thighs. She felt B’s fingers penetrate her sex, his fingers and mouth moving in time with J’s thrusts. B’ sucked, fingered and tongued, tasting deeply of her as if she alone were his favourite meal. Her pants and cries grew louder and louder as sensations washed over her, bathing her in sexual heat. Once again she felt her body tighten, her pussy squeezing around B’s fingers.


“Oh my God”, she cried, her eyes desperately once again locking with B’s. “I’m going to…”


Before she could complete her sentence, orgasm hit her out of nowhere, her body releasing her juices as she cried out. B didn’t miss a beat or a drop as he drank from her greedily. J’s thrusts slowed as she rode out her orgasm, with B licking her through every moment of it. Gently, J began rocking into her bottom as B stood to step between their legs, cock in hand.


“You are by far my favourite dessert”, B whispered allowing his cock to rub between her wet pussy lips. “I’m going to fuck you now, gorgeous girl. I’m going to fuck this tight pussy of yours while J takes that hot ass”.


J paused momentarily, and M held her breath. Carefully, B slid the girth and length of himself inside her slick pussy, moaning at the pleasure of finally being inside her. Wide-eyed and mouth agape, she struggled to find her breath, as it was stolen from the excitement of being filled to the max. Grasping her hips just above J’s hands, B slowly began to thrust within her tight walls. J joined him, and soon they found a rhythm that caused all three’s moans to fill the room with the delightful sounds of pleasure.


M allowed one arm to wrap around B’s waist while her other hand braced and squeezed J’s thigh. The feeling of being so full, double penetrated by the men who held not only her body but her entire being in their possession, was overwhelming. Tears filled her eyes as desire overtook her, her body straining to accommodate the impressive size of both men. Faster they began moving as their bodies began to travel towards orgasm. She felt herself tighten around them both.


“Ah fuck”, J groaned, thrusting harder into her from behind.


“Fucking Christ M”, B shouted feeling his own orgasm approaching.


“Sir, Daddy, Oh…” was all she could say, as the strings pulled tighter in her body.


Without warning, she seized, gripped hard in the throws of orgasm as she screeched in pleasure, her juices once again flowing freely. J soon followed, releasing his spunk inside her ass with a loud growl and a bruising grip on her hips. B nearly howled his pleasure as he emptied himself inside her cunt. Together they rode the great storm of their orgasms, each soaring to the stars with blinding pleasure.


Slowly they returned to themselves. M collapsed against J, and nearly orgasmed a third time when B reluctantly withdrew from her. She was exhausted and thoroughly pleased at the same time and judging from the sounds of her gentlemen’ cries, she knew they were as well. Slowly B stepped away from them as J maneuvered himself and M fully onto the bed. Tucking her against his side, he kissed her forehead as B joined them settling himself against M’s back.


“Good girl”, J praised kissing her forehead, one arm draped over her waist.


“Magnificent girl”, B echoed, kissing her shoulder, his hand massaging almond oil into her battered bottom.


“Thank you”, M moaned sleepily. “But I would say that I am a lucky girl”.


“Is that so?” J said with a smile and cocked eyebrow.


M nodded weakly. “Most girls are lucky to find a single man to enjoy this life with”, she said, reaching back to caress B’s bearded cheek. “I’m lucky enough to have two”.


Both men were unable to hide their smiles and chuckles.
“So”, M continued with a yawn. “What time are the reservations next week?”