Bonjour! Just a brief announcement today. I have been rather silent lately in terms of publishing new pieces, but it has been for very good reasons. There are a number of changes taking place in my professional and personal life, one of which involves a huge cross-country move. So, as you can imagine there have been a number of distractors. Well, I’ve had a little time to catch my breath this week and as such I have posed a bit of a challenge to myself. My goal is to publish four new pieces of work by the end of the week (yes, I realize it is already Wednesday, but that’s why it is a challenge darlings!). I have had some wonderful sources of inspiration over the last few days, which will certainly help fuel this drive, so to speak. The first piece will be published tonight, thanks to the help of a trusted friend. I think you will enjoy what is in store. As always, thank you for your support. Comments and emails are always welcome. Happy reading!!