Her mind fought to rise from the thick layers of sleep as steady hands parted her thighs. In her sleep induced haze, she felt her legs being lifted and settled on something broad. She moaned quietly as warm breath fanned across her bare mound her muddled mind caught between sleep and awakeness. Soft hair brushed against her woman’s lips. A heartbeat later, warm wetness found her most sensitive spot and sent a jolt of pleasure through her body. She gasped, hips bucking in response as full sensual lips closed over her clit. Her back arched and hands fisted sheets as gentle suction was applied. Her eyes remained closed as deep sensual kisses and licks assaulted her core. She cried out, arching her back only to have a scream ripped from her as the teeth of a clamp closed over one nipple. Mouth agape, her eyes shot open her gaze flying to the violated nipple moments before the second nipple received the same treatment. The sensations on her mound never ceased as the pain mixed artfully with the pleasure. Her eyes, a bit more focused now, fell upon the dark head between her legs, her gaze meeting steady sapphire blue eyes. She felt the vibrations of his primal growl against her clit.

Strong hands suddenly locked on her hips, pulling her closer to his mouth holding her firmly in place. Fully awake, she cried out a hand fisting in his hair, her hips struggling to squirm against his expert lips. He devoured her, savoring her nectar and starving for more. Pleasure rocked her body, which in turn sent painful gilts simultaneously as well from the nipple clamps. Helpless against his passion her head tossed from side to side, blue-black curls spilling across her face. Her body burned for him, the flames reaching higher and higher. He was a maestro with her body, masterfully using his tongue, lips, and even his beard to elicit the most beautiful notes of pleasure from her. Her cries became desperate as she felt her body starting to coil, her vaginal muscles clenching, her moans and cries becoming louder, more desperate. Her hand in his hair tightened desperately for an anchor, desperate for him.

“Please,” she begged remembering his affinity for edging her for hours. “Please, may I come?”

He moaned his capitulation as his tongue worked deep inside her. She felt his hands release their vice grip on her hips. She nearly shot of the bed when thick fingers plunged deep inside her as new sensations of pain shot through her nipples from the tugging of the chain connecting the clamps. Lips sucked and tongue lapped against her clit and fingers massaged her G-spot. Her heart thundered in her ears in time with the pulses of sensation moving through her body, her cries now desperate. She felt herself tighten around his fingers as her body shot to the stars and shattered into a million shimmering pieces. Her juices flowed freely as she screamed through her orgasm. Her body continued to jerk and pulse uncontrollably as he savored her essence.

She had no time to recover before her legs were lowered and he stretched his powerful naked body atop hers. He grasped her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head, lifting her breast high. He rested his cock at her entrance, bathing himself in her juices. His lips found hers, kissing her savagely allowing her to taste herself as well as his passion. When she was utterly breathless, he finally released her lips.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he whispered his accent thickened by his desire. His lips tasted the sensitive skin of her neck eliciting a light moan from her.

“I dreamt of you all night,” he continued his voice low. “Even though I took you a half dozen times last night I need more.”

She cried out once more at the feel of him tugging on the chain between her breast as he teased her entrance. She turned her head so that her dark brown eyes met stormy blues.

“I need you, M,” he continued his forehead resting against hers. “I need to show you that you’re mine. I need to show you that this beautiful body is mine. I need to show you that your sweet pussy and your orgasms are mine. Mine!”

Without warning, he plunged himself into her thrusting brutally. His lips captured her scream as she wrapped her legs around him. She craved him this way; her gentleman turned primal savage. He took her mercilessly, the thickness of him filling her to the point of insanity. She met him thrusts for thrusts, the wildness in him calling to the wildness deep inside her like a wolf calling to its mate. His growls and moans mixed with her cries as his grip tightened her wrists. Her breast bounced and jostled with is thrusts heightening her pleasure with pain. She felt his free hand grab her hip tilting her hips up allowing him to drive deeper reaching new points of pleasure. Unable to help herself her teeth found his shoulder and sank in drawing a loud growl from him. She felt her body tightening once more, her inner muscles straining to tighten around his thickness. His body stiffened in response, signaling his approaching orgasm.

“Mine,” he growled against her ear. “Say it!”

“Yours!” she cried in response.

“Again!” he demanded accentuating his command with a powerful thrust.

“Yours!” she screamed once more before orgasm took hold her her body spinning her once more to the stars.

She held onto him as she rode out the storm of orgasm helplessly moaning and whimpering his name. He released one nipple clamp and then another further prolonging her orgasm. All the while, his body never stopped, never slowed. With one last soul deep thrust, he howled out his pleasure as hot seed washed deep within her.

Mindful not to crush her he collapsed aside her long moments later. Gathering her still shivering body into his arms he lovingly kissed one engorged nipple and then the other, eliciting a slight hiss from her. With a smile he rolled fully onto his back, his arms around her, cradling her head to his chest as a hand gently played with her hair. Sighing like a content kitten, she wrapped an arm and leg about him snuggling into his warmth.

“I could sleep for days,” she whispered sleepily against his chest.

She heard and felt the chuckle rumble in his chest.

“Don’t get too comfortable, kitten,” he replied his voice deep and thick. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Copyright 2017 by Anaïs Rosso.