She heard it in his voice during the phone call earlier that day. The exhaustion, the stress were all there though he tried to hide it. Most would not have noticed, but she was not most. She knew the telltale signs. The subtle exacerbation in the rolling of his R’s were always his giveaway. The week had taken its toll though he would never admit it and would always appear cool, calm and collected before his peers and those he lead. Yet, she knew him. She knew he needed a release, an outlet to escape his frustrations and she was delighted to accommodate him. She knew exactly how.

He was aware that something was amiss the instant he stepped into the darkened house. The delicious aroma of his favorite dish greeted his senses as he moved to settle his keys and briefcase in the foyer. Loosening his tie, he called out to her announcing his arrival as he made his way further into the darkened house.

“Je suis ici,” her voice called to him from the dining room.

Following the sound of her voice, he made his way to the dining room pausing at the sight that awaited him. There, waiting for him in the dim light and candles lay a flawlessly adorned table with one large silver covered platter several smaller covered dishes as well. He noticed there was one place setting at the head of the table where he normally sat. His gaze finally shifted to her where she waited as well kneeling beside his chair in silence. With her collar in place, dressed in black silk thigh high stockings, matching heels and garters, she knelt beside his chair, her head bowed and her hands resting palm up on her thighs.

“May I serve you, Monsieur?” she asked keeping her head bowed holding her place awaiting his answer.

“Indeed you may,” he replied stepping into the room and taking his seat.

Waiting until he seated himself, she rose to her feet, moving to his left to gather his empty plate. Carefully, she placed the white China plate closer to the large platter her movements deliberate and graceful.

“And just what will you be serving tonight, ma petite chouchou,” he asked his hand finding its way to the bare skin of her derriere. He squeezed fully appreciating the round, warm cheeks.

“For your pleasure, Monsieur,” she said removing the cover from each dish. ” Prime Rib with Beef Au Jus, sauteed mushrooms and onion, roasted potatoes and grilled parmesan asparagus, served with your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon and crème brûlée for dessert.”

He nodded his head, his satisfaction clear. “You’ve been busy, dear,” her replied giving her bum a firm pinch.

“So have you,” she replied smiling sending him a teasing glance as she began filling his plate. “But as they say, there is no rest for the wicked.”

He watched her carefully as she placed a perfectly presented spread of food before him. He inhaled deeply the rich aromas arising from the white China.

“You’ve outdone yourself,” he complemented placing his napkin as she poured the wine.

“Thank you,” she replied replacing the bottle back upon the table. “I hope you enjoy it.”

She once again knelt quietly beside his chair, head bowed and hands resting palms up as he picked up his utensils and commenced consuming his meal. She waited patiently as he took his first bites of the prime rib. A slight moan of approval escaped him producing a smile upon her lips beneath her blue-black curtain of hair.

“Bravo, ma petite,” he praised. “Very well done.”

“Thank you, Sir,” she replied patiently waiting. Moments later his hand appeared in her line of vision, his fingers holding a piece of roasted potato.

“Open,” the command came. Tilting her head slightly up her eyes met his as she obediently opened her mouth leaning forward to wrap her lips around his fingers. He didn’t miss the slight sucking or the swipe of her tongue over his fingers as he withdrew them. Grasping her chin between his thumb and pointer finger, he brought her chin up as he bent his head to hers brushing a kiss against her lips. He paused for a moment before returning to his meal. He didn’t ask if she was hungry. He merely supplied her with food from his plate between taking bites of his own, and she obediently accepted. He was careful to avoid the meat respecting her dietary preferences and allowed her sips of wine from his glass as well.

“Would you like more?” she asked when he took the last bite of food.

He shook his head, declining as he swallowed the last bite. “No, dear,” he said bringing the cloth napkin to his mouth. “I believe I should save for dessert.”

“A wise decision, Sir,” she replied smiling as she stood to remove the soiled dishes from the table and moving to the kitchen. “This desert has two components to it.”

“Is that so?” he asked as she disappeared into the kitchen. He gave a small shake of his head and allowed himself a little smile once she was out of sight. He sat back in his chair reflecting on how sweet the sight of her eating from his hand was. Every time her full red lips closed around his fingers, he imagined them closing around something else entirely different. And how beautiful did she look waiting for him to take his place at the table, her skin aglow with the candlelight?

He promptly hid his smile when he heard her approach from the kitchen. With a smile, clearly pleased with herself, she sat the crème brûlée garnished with strawberries and raspberries before him with an accompanying spoon.

“Monsieur,” she said seemingly awaiting his approval standing with her head bowed.

Sampling a spoonful of dessert he gave an appreciative nod. “Very well done, dear,” he replied. With a sense of triumph, she knelt once again at his side.

“And what is the second part of the desert?” he asked eyeing her carefully as he continued eating.

Without a word, she crawled beneath the table placing herself between his parted legs. Carefully, she unbuckled and unzipped his pants, retrieving the hardness that lay trapped beneath them. Tenderly, she placed delicate, loving kisses along the underside of his length. Slowly, she worked her way from the base to the tip where she placed one last kiss before taking him into the moist heat of her mouth. She began tentatively with long loving strokes but soon closed her eyes as the need to please him washed over her. She paid homage to his manhood with her mouth, stretching wide to accommodate his size. Her eyes fluttered slightly as wetness gathering at her core. She savored his taste feeling him pulse slightly in her mouth as she swallowed him deeper encouraged by his deep moans and slight growls. Skillfully, she worked his velvety steel with her mouth willing her throat to relax as she took him deeper. She moaned her delight losing herself in the simple act of giving. His moans grew louder as his flesh grew thicker in her mouth. Unable to help herself she began teasing and edging him her mouth moving hard and fast, then deep and slow.

“Such a good girl,” he growled in approval.

Feeling empowered she continued her task. Her only warning was the sudden loud clang of the spoon against the plate. A strong hand gripped her hair hard. She gave a slight gag as he began to thrust against her mouth, her red lipstick smearing over his skin. He fingers tangled themselves into her silkiness of her curls as he worked himself further down her throat.

“You shouldn’t tease, girl. Hands behind your back,” he ordered with a slight growl. “Eyes on me, chouchou.”

Dutifully, she brought her dark chocolate eyes to his delighting in the little green sparks in his hazel eyes. Their gazes held seemingly transfixed by one another as he worked himself faster and deeper. She strained to control her breathing, gagging against the power of his thrusts. Need consumed her as his growls and moans of pleasure escalated her own desire. The scent and taste of him an absolute euphoria. She watched him fascinated by his handsome face, now transformed into the face of a god shamelessly taking and savoring his pleasure. She ached from want of his touch, the feel of his body on and inside her, and the masterful way he incorporated pleasure and pain. She wanted to drink him in and swallow every savory drop of him, to give herself wholly into his most wicked of carnal desires. She wanted the beast that resided behind the mahogany desks and under the mask of tailored suits. She saw it there as she knelt before him beneath the dining room table as more green filled his eyes. The beast had awakened.

“Come now, darling,” he growled his thrusts slowing. “Show me what a beautiful cock sucker you are.”

His words set her ablaze as she picked up where he left off. Tightening her mouth around him, she began to suckle him greedily. Her tongue swirled and pressed against the sensitive underside of his member sneaking out occasionally to graze his balls.

“Fuck,” he growled tossing his head back his fist tightening in her hair.

She felt the tension begin to coil in his body as she focused all of her attention on ravishing his cock. Her head bobbed faster as she relished in the sounds of his pleasure. She worshiped his cock with her mouth determined to give him as much pleasure as he could handle.

Without warning he jerked her head to him, shoving himself far down her throat. A heartbeat later she felt him jerk forcefully, his animalistic growl filled her ears as hot seed erupted down her throat. She held still allowing his release and return from the heavens as he poured his desire into her mouth. Without hesitation she licked him clean as he withdrew himself, not wanting to spill a single drop as she swallowed. Unable to help herself she placed a delicate kiss at the tip of his cock.

“Thank you, Monsieur,” she said noting the reduction of the lines of stress in his handsome face.

“Good girl,” he praised his body relaxing slightly. She didn’t miss the fact that he was still hard as he withdrew from her mouth. He released her hair allowing one hand to caress her cheek, his thumb brushing over her full lipstick smeared lips.

“A stellar performance, mon chouchou,” he continued his eyes studying her face.

“Thank you, Sir,” she replied. “I’m glad you enjoyed your dessert. I thought you deserved a special dinner after such a grueling week.”

“How thoughtful of you,” he said with a flash of a smile. “Indeed, your dinner was delicious, thank you.”

She smiled brightly at him just before her lips brushed his thumb.

“Now,” He said sliding the chair back as he stood to move the soiled dishes to the other side of the table. Once his task was completed he pointed to the empty area.

“Stand, bend over the table face down, hands behind your back and spread those lovely legs,” he commanded removing the belt from his pants folding it in half. “As delicious as your dinner was, my beast is still hungry.”

Her heart began to beat out a wild rhythm of anticipation as she moved into position. She felt the coolness of his red silk tie as he began to bind her wrists. A moment later her skin tingled as his fingers gently traced a path from the lace top of a thigh high to her moist swollen lips. She sucked in a breath as his fingers probed her, testing her wetness.

He leaned over her his cock brushing her hip as he bent bringing his lips close to her ear. She moaned as his fingers began teasing her clit his other hand holding his belt.

“You see, darling,” he whispered into her ear. “As much as I enjoyed your dinner, and it seems you have too, my beast is still hungry.” He paused to brush a kiss against her ear, before continuing.

“He hungers to see that pretty ass of yours black and blue, to hear you scream while I fuck it until you can’t walk and he will not be denied. Brace yourself, girl. My beast needs release.”

© 2017 Anais Rosso.